I was born in the "land of the sun" ... Sicily

Sicily....My land  that I love so much .... I dedicate  this video to all those like me who see in Sicily life ...... ... over Sicily is above all a warm and welcoming beautiful land !!! A video with a taste of Sicily, the most beautiful land in the world !!

Giovanni Falcone  wrote:

"It is the sign of identity: to Sicily for our history. We have had five hundred years of feudalism. If you realize that the Sicilian is first and foremost Sicilian, then doctor, lawyer or police officer, you would understand better already. »


AGRICANTUS is a musical collective born and raised in Palermo

Sicilians are sons of Etna ... a volcanic complex originated in the Quaternary and represents the earth's highest active volcano of the Eurasian plate.

Ces images montrent les impressionnantes coulees de lave projetées par le volcan la nuit




"Evolution of Etna" presented at ScienzAperta 2018 (with narration)

"Etna" - salvoraodj - 2014 on mixcloud

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Famous Sicilian

Scientists and philosophers

One of the oldest and at the same time famous scientists of Sicily is the scientist and mathematician Archimede of Siracusa (287-212 BC), who made many great and important discoveries in mathematics and physics. Empedocle (490-430 BC), philosopher, poet and scientist, is considered the founder of the Sicilian medical school. The physicist Ettore Majorana (1906 - 1938), born in Catania, we have important contributions to nuclear physics, with particular applications in neutrino theory.

Artists and politicians

Even some of the most famous men of world history were born in Sicily. These include Dionysio I. of Siracusa (430-367 BC), Ruggero II. (1095 - 1154) and the Norman king of Sicily and the German Emperor Federico II. Hohenstaufen (1194-1250). Famous painters like Antonello da Messina (1430 - 1479) and Renato Guttuso (1912 - 1987) lived here, as well as the famous musician and composer Vincenzo Bellini (1801-1835).

Writers and scholars

Sicily, however, was mainly home to some of the most famous writers and writers of Italy in the world. Among these should be mentioned first of Luigi Pirandello (1867 - 1936), Salvatore Quasimodo (1901 - 1968), Leonardo Sciascia (1921 - 1989), Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (1896 - 1957), Giovanni Verga (1840 - 1922) and, of course Andrea Camilleri (1925). All of them have helped to create a very special reputation for Sicily in the literary world.

Children of the "Mare Nostrum"...Sea Mediterraneo

is a journey in the Mediterranean between the unique scenery of the Maghreb - the medina and souks of Fez, the desert and the square Jami 'el-Fna in Marrakech - and Salento - between coast and inland - to tell in pictures, sounds, scents and colors the encounter between peoples and cultures,

VIDEO on the most beautiful Sicily you've ever seen, condensed the best of the island, its landscapes to architectural ones, through the people and the food. A wonderful fresco on the notes of the beautiful "Becoming Human" Ryan Taubert. Good vision!

Franco Battiato a Sicilian D.O.C.

Franco Battiato, born Francesco (Ionia - Giarre R. (CT), March 23, 1945) is a Sicilian songwriter, composer and director.
It has always been confronted with multiple musical styles, combining them in an eclectic and original approach. From the romantic beginnings of the sixties, to the experimental music of the seventy, passing through the avant-garde cult, ethnic music, progressive rock and light music, through the work and the music. He has always had a great audience success, often using exceptional collaborators such as violinist Giusto Pio and philosopher Manlio Sgalambro (co-author of many of his songs). In addition to music, texts also reflect its many interests, including esotericism, philosophical theorism, misticasufi (in particular through G.I. Gurdjieff's influence) and oriental meditation.
Since 2012 he has continued a brief experience as tourism councilor of the Siciliananella Region, chaired by President Rosario Crocetta, declaring he does not want to receive any remuneration. The musician has been involved in other expressive fields such as painting and cinema. He is one of the most award-winning artists of the Tenco Club, with three Targhe and Tenco Prize.

The Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands (Eoli Sicilian Islands), also called Lipari Islands, are an archipelago of Italy belonging to the Aeolian arch, in Sicily. Administratively included in the province of Messina, the archipelago is an increasingly popular tourist destination; the islands attract up to 600,000 visitors annually. The archipelago, of volcanic origin, is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, north of the Sicilian coast. It includes two active volcanoes, Stromboli and Vulcan, as well as various secondary volcanic phenomena. In these islands my experiences as DJs in the 70's in some summer villages where I fell in love with these lovely places and influenced my profession as DJ animator, influencing in my character then still a very young very reserved boy and leaving them out character no longer shy but very sociable and joking with people and full of desire to live life !!

A wonderful trip to the Aeolian Islands dedicated to "Panarea" .... a natural jewel that has enchanted artists, writers, designers and musicians to become a real red carpet in the summer! Panarea is a perfect blend of history, art, culture and world-wide, all of which blend together to create a unique atmosphere of its kind. My Mix on Mixcloud

Panarea by salvoraodj - 2017

Tracks from: The Eltingville Project - Amir - salvoraodj - Savvas - Nicholas - DJ Pappa - Langenberg - Chaos In The CBD ……..and more.

“All singles tracks are availables in the best music stores on line such us ITunes ,EMusic , Amazon , Beatport ,junodownload and many others”

.....The first track "The Eltingville Project & Jeremias Santiago - Heaven's Piano" is
dedicated to my brother Francesco at 17 years of his death R.I.P......




MEDITERRANEO by salvoraodj - 2016

Sicily ... the largest island in the Mediterranean

..."My favorite beach is increasingly the Mediterraneo. No sea in the world offers the variety of sea man who offers ideas and the Mediterraneo. No sea had the flowering of civilizations that have left their mark in a sea such as the Mediterraneo...."

I wanted to devote my MIX. I wanted to imagine a love story ... in music: a musical narrative plot that sees as the protagonist the largest island in the Mediterranean, understood both as a fertile ground for man, and as a strong and crippled woman trying to resist at the forefront of his loving Mediterranean

"..We live around a sea like frogs around a pond ...." (Socrate)

The alternation of rhythm ... in some respects not perfectly mixed ... to describe the various aspects of the variability and the people of the son of the "Mare Nostrum". 



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'Lineablu' a Trapani: Le Saline

my home: Sant'Alessio Siculo

Andrea Camilleri

Andrea Calogero Camilleri is an Italian writer, screenwriter, director and teacher

Andrea Camilleri was born on September 6, 1925 in Porto Empedocle, the only son of Carmelina Fragapane and Giuseppe Camilleri, inspector of the port companies participating in the march on Rome. [2]

He lives in Rome since the end of the forties and since 1968 he has spent some months a year in Bagnolo, a hamlet of Santa Fiora in the territory of Monte Amiata in Tuscany [3]. From September 26, 2014 he is an honorary citizen of the Tuscan hamlet, described by him as his "place of the heart" [4] [5]; on August 14, 2017, he was named the Municipal Theater of the Grossetan Country. [6]

 From 1939 to 1943, after a brief experience in a bishop's college (he was expelled because he launched eggs against a crucifix), he studied at the classical Empedocle high school in Agrigento where in 1943 he would obtain maturity without taking exams, since, due to bombings and foresight of the imminent landing in allied forces in Sicily, the school authorities decided to close the schools and consider the second quarterly poll. [7] In June of the same year, as the writer remembers, he began "a kind of periplo of Sicily on foot or on German and Italian trucks under a continuous machine gun for which he was to be thrown on the ground, soiled with dust, blood, and fears." Between 1946 and 1947 he lived in Enna, in two miserable, unheated rooms, and casually, at first attracted by the warmth, began to attend the Biblioteca Comunale by the lawyer Fontanazza with assiduity. Becoming his friend this acquainted him with the original writings of two local literary celebrities: Nino Savarese and Francesco Lanza. He also became a friend of Franco Cannarozzo, who later became a famous writer of science fiction novels with the pseudonym Franco Enna. Camilleri remembers that the early period induced him to take part in literary certamen, and in 1947, during his era, he won the Florence Prize with some of his poems. Camilleri, in the RAI documentary "The place and the memory" (written and read by him) attests the literary debt to Enna: "... And I, in those two grandchildren, I think I was formed as a writer.

In the album of Daniele Silvestri SCOTCH, which boasts the collaboration of many artists: Niccolò Fabi, Pino Marino, Diego Mancino, Raiz, Stefano Bollani, Peppe Servillo, there is also Camilleri, which appears for the first time on a disc end of the song The scotch, where he tells a story on a train trip.

In the final note of his 100th book, The Other Chief of the Wire, published in May 2016, Camilleri declares that this is "a Montalbano written in the blindness of the past", in fact, at 91, he had to dictate the novel to his assistant Valentina Alferj, "The only one who can write in vigathe.


Manlio Sgalambro

Manlio Sgalambro (Lentini, 9 dicembre 1924 – Catania, 6 marzo 2014) è stato un filosofo, poeta, saggista e cantautore italiano.

La sua opera filosofica è stata definita di orientamento nichilista, definizione spesso respinta da Sgalambro stesso, ma talvolta anche accettata, e si può piuttosto definire un'originale sintesi tra la filosofia della vita di Arthur Schopenhauer e il materialismo e pessimismo di Giuseppe Rensi, con le influenze dell'esistenzialismo sui generis di Emil Cioran, di alcuni temi della scolastica e della "teologia empia" e naturalistica di Vanini e Mauthner.

Sgalambro è noto al grande pubblico principalmente per la collaborazione (La Cura..ecc ecc.) con il cantautore Franco Battiato.

« Il nascere e il morire sono i due momenti unicamente reali. Il resto è sogno, interrotto da qualche insignificante sprazzo di veglia. »
(Manlio Sgalambro, Aria di Federico, da Il cavaliere dell'intelletto)

salvoraodj present "trend cafè" - Radio Show 8th April 2016


Radio Show on Radio Play Emorions

The radio music program, as seen from the cover, is dedicated rather better to say inspired by the splendor of "Isola Bella" of Taormina (ME). It is considered the pearl of the Mediterranean. The water is beautiful, the beach is gravel and it is nice to cross the tongue of land that leads to the island observing the landscape.

I selected the tracks that I think can also describe it musically speaking this Mediterranean pearl........


Tracks from : Christophe Goze (Mediterranea) - Jose Delgado - Florzinho (A la Luna ) - Naoki Kenji - Sambox (Patchouli) – salvoraodj - Mirage of deep (Urban Forest) - Lucio Battisti (salvoraodj remix Instrumental Versions)…….and more

(radio edit)