What music do I like? Who are my favorite artists?

This page inserted to my musical tastes, my favorite artists that thanks to them I can express myself in my radio programming, my collections of Mixcloud ....


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David Thomas

Music composer and producer at TMP NETLABEL at SAMSARA MUSIC (Albums World New Age)


Official page of the album:


Mimmo D'Ippolito

Mimmo D'ippolito is an indipendent italian musician (Keyboards/Piano), composer, self producer based in Carovigno (BR) - Puglia (Italy)...His Compositions ranges from Electronic, Ambient, Cinematic sounds, Modern - Post Classical stuffs...his music was in rotation in differents web and terrestrial radios, podcasts, indie compilations, collaborations with some indipendent - underground labels, featuring in different compilations, Videomakers, Film - Makers, music videos with hundred views on the web...

Label: Esound Netlabel, Enigmatic Records,Beplay Music, Electro Arc, Petroglyph, Ecstasy Records/Happy Life, Wondermark, feat. in many Compilations with differents labels...



Simon Le Grec

Simon Le Grec aias Simon Chouridis was born in Greek, his distinctive & charming chillout moods and groovy downtempo beats, shows us the life of the mediterranean islands. He already had a big success with his latest artist albums „Moments" and „Helen". His current 20 Track Album „Invisible Love" on Real Groove Lounge Recordings caught us into the spititual side of Greek. Dipped into clear water, suffuses the sun our soul. His wonderful music takes us to an unforgettable & enjoyable trip to the mediterranean islands. „Invisible Love" contains a great DJ Mix for all collectors out there.



Vittorio Gerlini




Jjos Menorca

Born in Balearic Islands, España. Dedicated to music for 20 years. Release of the CD "Esencia de la nueva Era" in 2001 with Ruperth & Toni Ocaña. Sound technician in Shows and in my own recording studio & Dj on Pubs / clubs Musical productions for multimedia projects...
Producer of electronic music, Ambient, Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo .


Radio program "Club Ibiza" on Radio Play Emotions
Saturday at 10 pm



Samuel Pinaeu (SAMBOX)

Director of the French Label Concorde Avenue  Samuel Pineau (Sambox) specializes in lounge music, chillout and ambient.


Radio program on Radio Play Emotions


Toni Ocanya

Toni Ocanya,born in Ciudadela, Balearic Islands, Spain, keyboardist accomplished and classically trained musician but I love electronics is mainly devoted to the composition of different styles provided with electronic trends, a result I highlight in several specialized competitive electronic music, participated during these past 27 years in different formations and endless musical collaborations.




Radio program "Club Ibiza" on Radio Play Emotions
Saturday at 10 pm


Mathias "Mathieu" Schober & Florian Grummes "Florzinho"

Mathieu & Florzinho are the munich based two oldschool DJs & Producers. They started working together in 2006 and since that they have produced a vast variety of very spiritual chillout & dub lounge tracks. Mathieu & Florzinho are the munich based two oldschool DJs & Producers also known as SHOW-B & CYRON.
They started working together in 2006 and since that they have produced a vast variety of very spiritual chillout & dub lounge tracks. Their songs appeared on numerous successful compilations worldwide and they both continue to explore new sounds & styles since music is their passion & life.


Emanuele Salvati

Emanuele Salvati, was born on 12/13/1987 in Latina (Italy). 8 years old she began studying piano and singing at the music school Collegium Musicum of Latina. After four years of continuous studying piano by taking private lessons and began to compose music. At 16 he started to play guitar by learning the basics of the instrument. He studied piano with Maestro Piergiorgio Ensoli. It has collaborated with several bands past. Since 2006 is part of the group One Way where the role of singer, composer and keyboardist. After a single labeled "Dormouse records" to exit the single "Where the sky It is a bit 'more' blue 'with the video clip produced by Shakelab. The passion for music and sounds for him to attend in Rome, L 'European Design Institute (IED) with a specialization in Sound Design, where he graduated in June 2009. After serving as a sound designer in two local radio stations (Radio Music ) and (Radio Image), in February 2012 he founded the webradio Radio B-Side (www.radiobside.it) where he held the role of director and sound designer. He has worked as a composer in various projects of medium and large importance. In May 2014 signed a record deal with Hydra Music Amedeo Fish where public in July 2014 "Between joy and pain," his first album released in major record stores and online with his band One Way. In September 2014 he started working with the label of the Master Francesco Digilio Sifare (www.sifare.it) where he worked on compositions of music Chil Out and Lounge.



Dee C'rell

Music Composer/Producer presso Lemongrassmusic e Music Composer/Producer presso Holm Records. Ha studiato Music BMus Hon presso City University. Dee C'rell [pronounced Dee Ce-Rell] was born in Hackney and grew up in Shoreditch, central London. He is a music composer, pianist and keyboard player, electroacoustic composer, installation artist, remixer, DJ, photographer, writer and academic. He composes and releases music worldwide in a variety of genres and is a leading expert on contemporary electro-acoustic jazz, for which he is acknowledged for the coined terminology for academic study. Dee C’rell’s music readily appears on a variety of record labels and radio stations within electronic and acoustic music and his name is synonymous within downtempo, lounge, nu-jazz, jazz, ambient, chill-out, house and tech-house, amongst others. He is considered as one of the most exciting and diverse musicians in many of the genres he works in by an array of the most significant DJ's in the world. He currently owns the contemporary record label Holm Records, which releases many of Dee C'rell's compositions and collaborations with artists. He has released works such as, Elektronische Kompositionen. Kompilation 1. Modal Times. Transition. Hymn from Journeyman. The Birth of Contemporary Electro-Acoustic Jazz. Turning. Within Serenity. Particles. Elements in Blue. Places Continued. Nomadicology. Images. The Paris Session - Live. Tales from Love. Kommunikation and Chromatisch. Additional tracks such as, The Ballad of Love, Departure, Together, Other Lands, Form 2, Black from the Day, Edifs Tale and many others, have appeared on a variety of CD’s and digital albums; such as, Cafe Abstrait, EMI’s Chillout 6 P.M, The Jockey Club, Lounge Du Soleil, Future Jazz Café, Klassik Lounge Nightflight, Nu Cool Jazz Vibes, Lingerie Lounge, Chillinglounge, Sapphire Lounge and many more, earning Dee C'rell notable global recognition. He continues to release electronic and acoustic music on Holm Records and Lemongrassmusic; where he releases the iconic Cafe Electronique volumes. Dee C'rell also appears on other non-exclusive record labels within a variety of genres. Dee C'rell also remixes for some of the most prominent artists within various forms of electronic and acoustic music making practices: For current information regarding music releases and remixes. As a DJ, in 2011 and 2012, Dee C'rell became recognised as one of the most popular DJ's in jazz and contemporary music via online radio. With his radio show entitled The Presents Show, it quickly became one of the most successful shows worldwide, subsequently promoting a unique and diverse range of electronic and acoustic music from around the world. You can listen to a sample of a previous show @ www.samurai.fm.com




Nicola Conte

Nicola Conte is a Italian dj and composer, inspired by Italian music sixties and seventies, then ranging from bossa nova to jazz tradition, which proposes in his sets, in a wise and sophisticated. It's originally from Bari, where he oversaw the artistic direction of Fez Club for seven years. Imposes itself on the international stage already with his first album Jet Sounds fusing elements of jazz with the club culture. The success led him on tour in the most famous clubs in European cities, but also in San Francisco, Tokyo, Moscow. Since 2001 he also becomes music producer with the first album of Rosalia De Souza (Garota Moderna), to be followed by many other productions (12). As a DJ he made a hundred remixes published. He has collaborated and still collaborates with jazz musicians as Gianluca Petrella, Fabrizio Bosso, Daniele Scannapieco, Rosario Giuliani, Till Brönner, Cristina Zavala, Nicola Stilo and others.




Agricantus (from Latin: the song of the cornfield): is a group of general "world ethnic-electronica", born in Palermo. The group says in the mid-90s with the "sound" of the bandleader Tonj Acquaviva, and the arrival of the Swiss singer Rosie Wiederkehr.
From the beginning, Agricantus (from Latin: the song of the cornfield), has always had a vision of the boundless world, from which to extract a musical narrative through ties with the cultures of the five continents. His artistic career is symbolically based on "vision of peace among peoples", that peace can be built continuously through the sounds, the music and the words. The intention is to enrich their music with sounds and colors and languages, with the desire to lead the listener through the continuous "crescendo" and "diminuendo" of music, to switch to another possible worldIn 2013, after two years of gestation comes to the Spanish label Discmedi the concept album with Kuntarimari editions Warner. The album makes use of several international guests. Mounir Troudi, one of the best singers of Sufi Tunisia, will sing in Kuntarimari. Tamar McLeod, a Maori singer, is on two tracks. Onur Erbas, a singer in Turkey, sings in Sema ┼×imdi. The Sicilian singer ragamuffin Jaka took part in the writing and singing of Divinity. In the album there is also the presence of several musicians including Binod Katwal, a virtuoso of ethnic flutes of Nepal. Guitars to the return of the historic Italian guitarist / Swedish Lutte Berg and low Argentina Guille Mokotoff, while the ethnic picks Mauro Sigura. In addition, the presentation took place in Barcelona (Es) saw on stage other investments including the Catalan singer Mariona Sagarra, the greek singer / Spanish Iris Aneas and player Nay Israeli Gabriel Eden Kolkin. Some of their work are contained in the collections of Buddha Bar.

Current members:
Tonj Acquaviva: Voice, wave drum and samplers.
Rosie Wiederkehr: vocal.
Blessed Dreisigova: vocal.
Eric Guennou: Winds.
Mauro Sigura: Bouzouki, Baglama.
Lutte Berg: guitars.





Hisham Kharma

Hisham Kharma is a Musician, Creative Director and Social Entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt and having lived in Miami, Hamburg, and Dubai, Kharma has been influenced by multi-cultural experiences that shaped his mind. When it comes to music, Kharma’s passion is to create inspirational and uplifting World music vibes and melodies with a mix of Ethnic, Electronic, Lounge and Funk sounds. He likes to break barriers by exploring forever-new sounds that transport the listeners to different worlds. Kharma's first official release was "First Voyage" with Virgin Megastore and Hybrid records. His second official album was with Sony Music in the "Arabesque" series along with Grammy-award winner Yanni and  Can Atilla. Kharma is also a Creative Director in the Ad industry, with a pack of regional and global awards under his belt. To give back to his community, Kharma has founded www.Law3andakDam.com {a colloquial term that literally means “if you have blood,” but has come to mean “if you have a conscience.”}. Law3andakDam is an online service that matches blood donors and patients in need of blood, based on location and blood type. He has also been recently elected as an Ashoka Fellow for his  social entrepreneurial efforts. (www.Ashoka.org) In September 2012, he started his studies  in Creative Coaching in order to help creative and talented artists and entrepreneurs in discovering their full potential.









Melchior Sultana

Composer and multi instrumentalist born in Malta in 1986.
Mediterran by Melchior Sultana
Anno: 2015
My favorite track: Paradise


Paradise 6:02
Day Dreamer 5:05
Moments 4:40
One Take 5:09
If Only 5:56
Lead The Way 6:50
The Void 5:19
Run 6:26
Find Yourself 5:29
Things Change 4:50