Music is a moral light.

It gives soul to our hearts, thoughts of the wings. One of the imagination development, It is an ode to sadness, to the gaiety to life, in all things.

It is an essence of time and rises to all those invisible forms, dazzling and passionate eternal. The music is not an art but a category of the human spirit is the essence of our personality .... is "taking pleasure in giving pleasure.

New my album

11. Ott, 2016

Tu Momento (AA.VV)

..."that wonderful moment when you know the truth and they continue to lie !!" "...a pleasant image fills your mind as a calm voice echoes in your whole being .".. this is your time......your moment !!

23. Apr, 2019
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My album:

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    "Music is life"
    Jjos Menorca feat salvoraodj
    This is my big dream to be able to mix music of a great artist .... Jjos Menorca Thank you for giving me this opportunity to enjoy its exceptional music !!

  • Coming Soon

    "Lights of Taormina"
    …. I dedicated to my brother Francesco..RIP..
    This work is dedicated to the wonderful "Taormina" .... Sicilian city of art and culture of my Sicilian land. I was reading the diary entry that the great Goethe wrote in Taormina in 1787. (Later it would be included in the book Italian Journeys.) It struck me how absolutely similar Goethe's reaction was to my own reaction 224 years later — the union of art and nature, and the feeeling of being so high up and of having a view unlike any other in the world

  • Coming Soon

    This musical journey is devoted to a topic that crosses the boundaries of ourselves not only physically, but also spiritually. In particular, this trip is related to the search for the self, the identity that we often lose, and we look forward to finding, rediscovering .............
    Metamorphosis enhances values such as loyalty, perseverance, fortitude that conquers all giving the happy ending ......

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    "The Desert Song"
    نشيد الصحراء
    .... ...... "Egypt is the country that I love: I saw and experienced in this country from the north, where the Mediterranean Sea washes the shores of Africa, the pyramids, and then through the desert. .... "I want to share this essence .... my experience in this enchanting land music!

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    "Law of Karma"
    The Law of Karma is equally unequivocal in the spiritual dimension. It states that for every action on the spiritual plane there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that if you give happiness, you will experience happiness, and so will be equally in pain. In other words, whatever emotion I cause in another, eventually it will become also the same experience.

  • Coming Soon

    "Desert Raiders"

    Finest Oriental Chillout & Lounge Music Collection

    My trips in the desert ... my feelings into music
    A journey into the Sahara is a journey into nothingness, a journey through time, a journey in themselves .......

  • Coming Soon

    “the words of poem”

    Finest Oriental Chillout & Lounge Music Collection

    Two for me are the forms of poetry: poetry itself and the music. And the music, as such, it feeds both. I like the idea of music as poetry. Because poetry is music and music is poetry. A duo that becomes one and the same thing. And we never asked ourselves, "if it were poetry to meet the music?". If these two intense emotions were able to merge?

new album release 2016

ClubZone by salvoraodj Vol.1

......."Classmates constantly looking Essence of life, lost in the bottom of beer glasses always empty in a generation what else could only become a Generation Dead......We were like the "Pal Street" Boys, my band several times yes clashed with rival gangs from other neighborhoods." my music!!
I did this mix last year, thought it'd be the perfect time to release it now. I hope you enjoy!
This is my mashup tribute to the great Nujabes. R.I.P.

Release: 02/01/2016



My favorite collections

The music is as personal as it gets, so here's my list of music albums that resonated with me over the years these my musical vibrations that I wanted to SHARE with music lovers.

...dedicated to my brother Francesco that I was very close ...R.I.P.

Happiness - mixed by salvoraodj

Arabian Eyes by salvoraodj

"Essence" The most essential world music by salvoraodj

Music is a moral light.
It gives soul to our hearts, wings to thoughts. Develop imagination,
It is an ode to sadness, the gaiety to life, in all things.
It is an....essence... of time and rises to all those invisible forms, dazzling and passionate eternal. The music is not an art but a category of the human spirit is the... essence.. of our personality .... is "taking pleasure in giving pleasure."

released: 30th gen 2016

Various Artists & s.raodj rmx

 "Essence vol 1"  is  "Mix Of The Week" at

from 5th February to 11th February 2016



"AKARI" by salvoraodj (New)


A Japanese astronomers team, led by Hideaki Fujiwara, discovered a main sequence star that is surrounded by a quartz disk of dust. Continuous collisions of planetesimals, bodies of small size at the base of planet formation, have produced this thick ring around this distant star. Thanks to observations made with two space telescopes to infrared radiation AKARI and Spitzer, this star system, recently discovered, could open new doors to a better understanding of planetary formation processes and help us to study the mineralogical nature of distant extrasolar systems. I wanted to recreate that journey Akari with soundscapes ... looking for that groove ......... .I have imagined that mystical astral silence surrounded by a thousand mysteries and deep peace and they definitely are not alone in the universe ... .I have. imagined all this producing my new musical work "Akari" a mix of music essences. Man's ability to give rise itself an imagination of the vague and the indefinite, in place of the simple view of things, is sweet and pleasant, and it is typical of children and men of antiquity.

released: 28th Mar 2016

Various Artists & s.raodj rmx


 "AKARI"  is  "Mix Of The Week" at

from 1th April to 7th April 2016



NAMASTE by salvoraodj

....."The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you" - a knowing that we are all made from the same One Divine Consciousness!!

Tracks from : Cirque Du Soleil - SAMBOX (Rising Sun) - Cantoma (Cosmopole) - Christophe Goze ( Caravane) - Fragile Srate (Every Day) - Maneesh De Moor (Treausure) - SAMBOX ( African Dream) - Green Point Orchestra (T…2)......….and more.

released: 12th apr 2016

Various Artists & s.raodj rmx

This upload was 40th in the Chill Out chart and 79th in the Downtempo chart.


Karma by salvoraodj (rmx)

Karma (adaptation of the Sanskrit word transcribed as Karman Karman or more commonly, (Devanagari: कर्मन्), is a term used in Western languages translated as "act", "action", "task", "obligation" , and in the Vedas understood as "religious act", "ritual." Karma indicates, at the Indian religions and religious philosophies, or originating in India, the generic action aimed at an end, meaning activation of the principle of "cause and effect", the law under which this act involves sentient beings in the use of the moral consequences, so by binding to saṃsāra, the cycle of rebirth. That of Karma is one of the nuclear concepts of Hindu doctrines, closely connected to the other of the Moksha, the latter understood by both the soteriological point of view, namely, salvation from saṃsāra, both from a spiritual point of view, such as achieving a top , otherwise understood according to the doctrine.
relax your mind....
Release 18th apr 2016

AMURE by salvoraodj

Mankind can only get rid of violence by resorting to non-violence. Hatred can be overcome only by love. Answering hatred with hatred does not adds to the greatness and depth of hatred itself. Why do so many people feel the sun? Because it is in themselves, it's in their head and in their heart that they created that solitude. In fact you're never alone. Complaining of being alone is to declare that it lacks love; but it lacks love because you do not love. How many men and women are content to dream about love! They await the prince or princess of the Thousand and One Nights, which is why you feel lonely, why expect love, and do not seek it in themselves. The love that will never expect. Love, I do not ever have to wait: it is within you. Let it out, let it occurs and that radiated is the only way to really meet him.

"Love is not big nor small: it is only love. You can not measure a feeling like you measure a road. If you do, you will begin to make comparisons with what you have been told, or with what you expect to meet. And so you always find yourself listening to a story, rather than follow your true path".
Paulo Coelho
"Amure" is music for thinking about you!!!
Release 1th may 2016
This upload was 46th in the Lounge chart and 68th in the Chillout chart.

MEDITERRANEO by salvoraodj

Welcome aboard my musical journey.....................

..."My favorite beach is increasingly the Mediterraneo. No sea in the world offers the variety of sea man who offers ideas and the Mediterraneo. No sea had the flowering of civilizations that have left their mark in a sea such as the Mediterraneo...."

"..We live around a sea like frogs around a pond ...." (Socrate)

Release 2th june 2016


This upload was 22th in the Chill Out chart, 37th in the Lounge chart and 52nd in the Downtempo chart on Mixcloud.



THE MAN AND THE SEA by salvoraodj

....the courage, the man's tenacity in the face of nature ...

Always the sea, free man, you'll love!
because the sea is your mirror; you contemplate
the constant wave
your soul and your spirit is an abyss
no less bitter. Enjoy the dive
in the bosom of your image; the hugs
with eyes and arms, and sometimes the heart
It is distracting you from your sound to the sound of this
wild and untamed moan. (Charles Baudelaire)

...".fascinating parallel, full of finesse and power at the same time, between man and the sea. It identified almost at par, and author of the mysteries come together in a powerful and convincing versification, especially in the epilogue....."

Tracks from : Sigh (Medina Blues) - salvoraodj (Eyes) - Thierry David - Dzihan & Kamien (Ay Ay Ay) - ATB - Sambox (Patchouli) - Mathieu & Florzinho (Valisere Africa) - Duhmhara …….and more.

Release 25th june 2016



Four Elements by salvoraodj

"The four natural elements are understood as states of matter: fire, it was burning; air, the gaseous state; water, the liquid state; ground, solid state. From the interaction of these elements, composed of particles mixed in varying proportions, originate all cosmic phenomena: birth, death, transformation. The forces that allow the interaction of the elements are two: love, attractive force, and discord (or hate), repulsive force."

Tracks from: Sunyata Project - Pierre Raven - Roy Ayers - Loko, Bruce - Panafrican Project - Miss Hansen - Taste Of Dream & Carly Harvey (Caruso) - Moca and more …

This upload was 48th in the Lounge chart, 65th in the Downtempo chart and 75th in theChillout chart.


Cafè de Paris by salvoraodj

  " Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Who penetrates the meaning of my music can break free from the miseries in which you drag other men....."

Ludwig Van Beethoven

This upload was 16th in the Soulful chart, 47th in the Downtempo chart and 51st in the Deep chart.

 Tracks from….. "The beach project - Chris Blum - Rishi K - Aqua bassino - Mi Casa - Atjazz - salvoraodj -Osulade - Ananda Project – Luka - Edmondson".….…and more.

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Tu Momento by salvoraodj

  Tu Momento...

..."that wonderful moment when you know the truth and they continue to lie !!"
"...a pleasant image fills your mind as a calm voice echoes in your whole being .".. this is your time......your moment !!

Release: 1th October 2016

This upload was 41st in the Lounge chart and 43rd in the Chill Out chart.

Tracks from: ..... intro Pink Floyd (rmx salvoraodj) - Ryuichi Sakamoto - salvoraodj (Be Free) - Prana Tones - Sweet Coffee - Kaled - Honeyroot - Dolphins - Dee Crell (Editing Confession) - Harbie Hankoc - Bliss - Rasha - Groove Lovers - Gipsy From Ibiza ….….…and more .

All singles tracks are availables in the best music stores on line such us ITunes ,EMusic , Amazon , Beatport ,junodownload and many others.